Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Cinderella in All of Us?

She looked at herself in the mirror - and wasn't sure she recognized the woman in front of her. Gone were the jeans and t-shirts. Gone were the Blundies. Gone was the hair tied back from her hair in a pony tail.

She stood there are looked at the woman with her hair in an up-do, studded with diamantes. Her smile was broad and her lips shimmered in a pink, just a few shades deeper than they usually appeared. Her dress was pink like her lips and full-length. It floated and swished like she was underwater. Her feet were gently featured in silver sandals that added another 3 inches to her height.

She did a half-twirl while never losing contact with her reflection. Her legs looked great, she knew that - especially as the skirt brushed against them. Her breasts were heavy dew drops that had yet to succum to gravity and the dress hugged them like a lover. Her neck was gently sun-kissed from all that work outside and displayed the sparkles that hung at its base.

She was beautiful. Had she always been? She wasn't sure. She grabbed her purse and headed for the door. What would tonight bring, she wasn't sure but it had to be the start of something.

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Julie G said...

Stop writing about me

love it, exactly what we women do..
In paragraph 2 not sure if you did a typo on 'she smile was broad'??

Oh and I want my gravity back..

Mountaingirl said...

Yes it was a typo - thanks for that Julie. I am still waiting for my Cinderella moment - but I think i would need more trussing now that gravity has become my constant companion lol