Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Dream Career

When I was in primary school my dream job was being a doctor. I wanted to be one for years.

By the time I got to Year 9 my dream had changed and journalism and the media had taken over. I even had a job on a statewide newspaper as a local correspondent and when I was nearly 18 I was chosen as one of 5 young people in the state to work on the youth focus pages in the state's daily newspaper. The one problem with journalism was that I couldn't write my own material - it takes years to be a feature writer and I wasn't sure how I would cope with years of garden openings, traffic accidents, local crime and the like until I had earned the reward of something more challenging.

I do also confess to wanting a job as a radio announcer (worked at the local radio station for that one - even did a couple of ads) but I didn't like the sound of my voice so I let that go.

And since I have been in the "real world" I have done a myriad of jobs. How fortunate to live in a world with so many opportunities.


MixMax said...

I liked your last sentence "... How fortunate to live in a world with so many opportunities."

When I was young one of my dreams was to become a journalist. Now, sometimes I laugh with myself because I ask myself a funny question: does blogging is a sort of journalism? I am sure it is not, especially that you mentioned it yourself that writing require certain skills and time, I don't have both lol

Thanks for sharing that, because thinking of the many opportunities one has is an eye-opener to many possibilities in life and to happiness, I guess

Abbey said...

My dream job was to work for the CSIRO. I used to escape in test tubes and microscopes...

does the mother of a journalist

Jason said...

I'd LOVE to work on a radio show.

Like you, I dabbled in journalism, writing for my college paper...but I didn't really like it. I LOVE writing, but journalism is so mechanical. I was churning out these stories very quickly, not spending any time developing any real ideas (no time to think when there are deadlines).

Anyway, I'm glad I got to do it..if for no other reason to see that it's not for me.