Monday, September 8, 2008

Spring :-)

Spring has sprung in Mountaingirl world.

Actually it sprang 10 days ago. I awoke one morning to find that the air smelt differently, the sun had a different light. I was going to post it but I love my winter I was a little upset that it had gone. But now it is celebration time.

My only down for spring is the sleeping arrangements. I have gone from 2 doonas and an electric blanket on 3 to one doona and an electric blanket on 1, or 2 doonas or 1 doona. It provides for a confusing night. But if that is the worst thing in life, I think I shall get by lol.

This weekend is the seasonal tree sale - and I shall go into carbon credit surplus (I am on the borderline now) - as well as the aniticpation of purchasing my spring herbs and vegetables. I am also going to try and track down some heritage plants so it is excitement and anticipation on my world lol.

So here is to the rites of the new season - a time to celebrate new life and enjoy all of the benefits the freshness brings.

Photo: Spring in E Major" by Midori Furze


pita-woman said...

I love the colors and "newness" of spring, and the gentler temps outside.
Of course, it's turning fall here, so we're into gentler temps once again too. While the fall colors are pretty, it's a bit depressing too to realize everything is dying or going into hybernation for the winter.
I envy your spring weather!

Jason said...

It's fall here in St. Louis and I'm excited.

I love those "transition" seasons. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.