Friday, March 11, 2011

A Beautiful Idea

The mother of my grandchild had her baby shower last Sunday. I was a bit pukey so stayed home (after much thought and a realization that I was being selfish in wanting to take my germs to her place, just because I didn't want to miss out) but hope to catch up with her on Monday so she can be showered again.

Instead of gifts, Ayla requested that we all bring a bead. It didn't matter what sort of bead it was - just something that represented something special about Ayla or the baby, or our relationship or whatever. It is Ayla's plan to string them all together and then wear the necklace while she gives birth - so that we all are with her. Then the necklace will be hung up in the baby's room so that he/she will always have a reminder of the special people in his/her life around her. Surely this is one of the best ideas I have ever heard of!

I have made three so far - still can't decide which one is "the one" - I will post it when I have made a decision.

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