Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Party Wrap-Up

Yes last night was the night of the party and present - and it was a blast.

There is a lot to be said when there is about 40 (ish) people, most in costume (Circus theme), there is face painting for all; a Lady Gaga birthday cake, spit roast for dinner and glow sticks to wear on various body parts!

I went as a fortune teller and was fortunate enough to have my makeup done by a real makeup professional (including sparkly false eyelashes - bought when I was Miss Weasley on the Sunshine Coast a few years ago). I must admit I felt very girly and pretty :-)

I confess that I left early but I did arrive early too so I am hoping that balances out in the scheme of things. I wasn't drinking but I was so hoping I would go through a RBT on the way home - I would love to admit that whilst I was dressed up all silly, had glow sticks on my earrings - and another around my neck, I had my arms painted with "tattoos", I had stars on my face .... I was stone cold sober lol. It didn't happen but it amused me on the drive anyway.

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