Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Real Man

Content warning if you listen to the song

In reference to my previous post I need to add comment to the latest song by Brian McFadden. Now I hope that the crap sound and over-use of (badly) played banjo will mean it dies a quiet death but with all of the controversy (and yes I am acknowledging my contribution to it) it is creating, I am sure it will be Number 1 before we can blink.

Now whether it is promoting date-rape, or just normalizing it is neither here nor there. And I do understand that Brian has said that it is a love song to his partner (weird but true).

What needs to happen if for all of those to object to not only boycott the stations that play it, but the advertisers of those stations as well. The stations need to be informed. The same goes for any businesses (clubs, stores, whatever) that play it. Money is the only language that businesses understand. It won't eliminate the song, but it will minimize its spread.

Fathers, sit down with your sons and explain why that behavior is not okay, not in a rant, but as a serious conversation. Let them know that real men stand up to other men who think abusive or disrespectful behavior is okay.

Mothers, sit down with your daughters and explain why they don't have to settle for guys who play the song, or who don't understand the basic concept of respect for other human beings. Young women and girls should know that real men do not write songs like that and call them love songs.

Fathers, let you and your friends be role models for both your sons and daughters in relation to how real men treat women.

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