Friday, March 11, 2011

The Things You Learn

Ayla and Nick have chosen to use cloth diapers - saving the disposables for when they are away from home. Some time ago Ayla mentioned that she was getting them made locally for (about) $10 each. I thought it was a bit rich but thought no more of it.

Having included a nappy (diaper) stacker in the care package for baby (photos coming) it occurred to me that I could maybe include a dozen diapers in there as well. A few clicks and I have been educated to the ways of the 21 st century.

Diapers are no longer flat white squares that you fold and clip or pin. They are individually sewn and shaped like disposables - for real! There is an ongoing conversation about whether to use man-made fabrics for the padding (it has a natural wicking to help keep baby drier) or to use the natural fabrics for a more environmental approach.

I worry about how long they will take to dry - a flat one takes no time, even in wet weather. These ones can have (maybe) 5 - 10 layers of fabric in the centre area so I figure will take much longer. In any case I will find out in due course.

So now I am just waiting to get hold of the parents to see if I can make a dozen or so or whether they already have the situation covered. Terry cloth (for the inside body) is only $6-ish a metre, you can use whatever you want on the outside (I have a big fabric box for just such occasions) and then there is only the padding. Then I just need some studs to hold it together and some elastic for the leg-holes.

So modern this 21st century lol

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pita-woman said...

Oh diapers are quite the stylish accessory now days. Even disposable ones are getting fancy in their colors/patterns.