Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yippee and a Dance Dance Dance

Yesterday I was given the details of one of the local Scrabble groups that was looking for a new member. I rang today. A Scrabble group is a bit like a book club - you need to have a combination of people that fit to the overall purpose, group dynamics need to be right. And with some Scrabble groups they play competition rules, others are a bit more flexible. And that is on top of expected standards of play.

This group sounds perfect - they have a mixture of abilities, no one plays for sheep stations, and is social as well as game play. Yay!

The meet on Thursday mornings (yes every Thursday morning) so there is only 2 more sleeps until I get to introduce myself and play Scrabble :-)

Big yippee and a dance dance dance :-)

Image: "Scrabble" by JASONgotSEOUL

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pita-woman said...

My parents used to play that ALL the time when I was a kid, when they'd have game-night with their friends. I think I've only ever played it once though. I love trivia games more.