Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Going to Be a Nanna!

Yes in about 5 weeks I will be Nanna Pearl. Not biologically of course, but socially - which I personally think is just as fabulous :-)

Now I only had one living grandmother and she wasn't the best of role models but I think I have got this sorted - don't give baby raising advice unless asked, don't feed the child sugar or red food coloring before sending them home, have fairly consistent rules as those at home (with just a little more spoiling). Well that is my plan at this stage lol.

I do have one particularly positive memory of my grandmother and that was the treat of, when I was little, of being able to play with the lambs that were stored in the entryway cupboard. It was on top of my wish list when she recently moved into a retirement home and, well you can tell by the photo they have made their way to my place.

They aren't fancy as such - just made by Grandma from white corduroy with black fabric scraps for the feet and pink for  ears - but they were all the world to me. Now I do remember them being MUCH bigger (about double the size actually) but then I was MUCH smaller so I guess that balances out. And while the embroidered eyes are just fine, they did have silver buttons at one point - but I will have to find exact matches before any changes happen there.

In any case, I was thinking how magic it would be if my first grandchild when he or she is a little bigger also loved playing with the lambs - and I was able to pass them down so that their children might also play with them. Now I do acknowledge that the world has changed and everyone is different, and the child may not be interested in the lambs (I do have other attractions of the fluffy, book or crafty varieties). I just like the thought.


pita-woman said...

Congrats on pending Nanna-hood. Whatcha mean no sugar before sending them home? I thought grandparents were s'posed to get the little ones hyped up on sugar & caffeine then send them home for the parents to deal with. ;)

Mountaingirl said...

he he he - but then the parent might not send them back to me .... or worse, they might be late in collecting junior and the sugar rush occurs while still with me!!!