Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time's Are A Changin'

Time's change. People change. Hey, even I have changed. But there are some changes I don't like. This week I have been missing phone calls - long chatty, rambling calls.

Now it isn't convenient to do these on the mobile/cell unless you have won lotto so that eliminates many of the many of the possible candidates. It is also necessary to have a window in your schedule that tally's with the same on the person you want to call. And having a job, family, partner or the like does preclude many of these calls from happening at all. It is also convenient if you actually like talking on the phone.

Now I certainly don't begrudge those who don't indulge for whatever reason, it is just a wishful missing for times when it did happen.

And while I have been reflecting on this, the solution wasn't far away - I spent almost two hours chatting with the awesome Graham last night and I was blessed with 90 minutes of the incredible Delma today. My cup runneth over ... now if I could just get motivated to hand-write a letter ....

Image: "Vintage phone call" by TarkinX


pita-woman said...

I hate talking on the phone. Always have, even as a child... I would hide under the kitchen table just so others couldn't see or hear me whenever it was necessary to carry on a phone conversation. The only era in my life I can recall tolerating (enjoying??) it is when I was single and dating, thus the lovey-dovey phone calls from whichever beau I had at the time. Once I was married, I went back to hating talking on the phone.

Mountaingirl said...

I have a lot of friends who are in the same boat pita. I think it is because I have always had friends spread all over the place (nothing to do with me and my history of moving house and town regularly in my 20s lol) so the phone was the one way we had to keep in contact. Oh, and I am a chatterbox :-)