Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Question

How many of you know a young person (say someone under 30) who regularly wears a watch? If need be, sit and people watch along a cafe strip or in a shopping centre for a few minutes as a straw poll.

Now obviously those who need them for work (say a nurse) don't count. And I am not talking about those people who  wear them as a fashion accessory periodically.

I am talking about regular folk who get up each morning, have a shower, get dressed and put on their watch - before the first cup of coffee. These are the people with a suntan watch band ... well the reverse of one anyway.

In this day and age, it appears that the cell phone has replaced the need to strap a clock to our arms.

Just something I am noticing ....


pita-woman said...

Hadn't noticed, but I'm a fanatic about wearing mine.
My husband rarely wears his, usually only on special occasions.
The girls I volunteer with are considerably older than I and never wear a watch... needless to say, I get rather tired of everyone always asking me "what time is it?"

Mountaingirl said...

I get asked that too - but that is because I have a phone and I wear glasses, unlike many of my peers that need to put them on to read their screens lol