Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After not being inspired to really cook (or eat) since I came back from holidays I turned it around last night.

I made a simple salad made out of iceberg lettuce topped with Ranch Dressing that had had garlic and basil added to it with crumbled blue cheese on the side and bacon bits on the top.

I was heading to full boneless buffalo wings but stopped before I added the hotsauce (while the crispy cool lettuce would have made a good side for the heat, I didn't want to lose any flavor - being that it was the first time I had made the salad recipe) so I just had crispy chicken instead - I have more chicken so there is always tomorrow night lol.

It wasn't the healthiest meal I had ever made but it was delicious and will definitely stay on the rotation.

Thanks to Miss Weasley for the recipe card :-)

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