Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Teddy Tour

I so wish sites like this weren't necessary but sometimes the world (or the people on it) sucks and you can't ignore it.

Mind you, this site is just beautiful - the design is gorgeous, the idea is so very special.

And if you would like to donate a bear just let them know.


pita-woman said...

A very sad site indeed.
Along those lines (sort of), I found out yesterday that a cousin of mine that passed away a few months ago, wasn't from natural causes as we'd thought, but had committed suicide.
His wife ran a daycare in their home, and he was accused of molesting one of the children. He couldn't face what was happening to him and the shame the charges was bringing upon his family, even though it was later revealed that it was the child's older sibling that had abused him, and not my cousin.
Abuse of children effects more than just the innocent children...

Mountaingirl said...

It affects the entire community and families of those involved. There is nothing but sadness that comes out of it, but I am glad that this site isn't branding anyone as a "victim" but a "survivor".

My thought are with your family - I cannot even begin to understand the pain they must be going through.