Friday, April 2, 2010

Stroopwafels Return

Back in history when this blog started on of the visitors on a friends site led us to the exotic idea of the stroopwafel. I spent hours and hours hunting down a stroopwafel iron eventually fining one on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland ... although one I got there they looked at me dumbly even though they had confirmed they had them in stock less than 30 minutes earlier.

Anyway, the moment passed and I become hooked on the idea of oven baked donuts (and yes I do have a pan for that).

Today while reading through my latest delicious. magazine I notice that the essential ingredients for one of their recipes is the stroopwafel - although they do suggest buying them from gourmet stores rather than make your own.

I know it is only one recipe in one magazine but could it be possible that this could become a new trend product - and I might finally get a stroopwafel iron?

PS, a stroppwafel is a caramel filled waffle from the Netherlands.

1 comment:

pita-woman said...

Well, as I was trying to say before the computer blinked...
Sounds delicious!
However, they look like a stack of frozen hamburger patties that were fried up.