Monday, April 5, 2010

It's That Time of the Year

In New South Wales this long weekend means chocolate, possibly church, way too much food and probably the Royal Easter Show. For non-Australian's this parallels a really large district show in England or a state fair in the US.

Now I haven't done the NSW one (I really don't want to go to Sydney more than absolutely necessary) but hearing the updated on the radio about the pigs and chickens and sheepdogs and ... well all of the agricultural aspects of the show I can't help but sigh and the memories of childhood come flooding through.

My grandparents (and then my uncle and aunt and now my cousins) have a stud sheep farm so not only was the Perth Royal Show an important fixture on the calendar, it was also an excellent opportunity to catch up with family and friends and those in the industry.

I was only asked to hold a sheep once - how old was I - maybe 7 or 8. I let the team down and chickened out - half way through the judging. Sorry Uncle Arthur, sorry Uncle Mark.

Otherwise there was the show bags, the rides (yes Uncle Mark had his revenge by putting me on the Wild Mouse - no he couldn't come with me "his legs were too long").

Anyway, over the years and I grew and I was there for Rural Youth more than the sheep (yes my lemon butter did get a first) and my interests expanded to the cooking and art and - may favorite of all, the District Displays. The District Displays are huge "scenes" made up of ONLY the produce of the region.

Photos are from the wiki link for the Sydney Royal Easter Show because I couldn't find any for the Perth Show..

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