Friday, April 2, 2010

Real Milk

I was reflecting on a conversation I had a while ago with a group of folks about missing out on "real" milk and wondering how many young people (those under 20 or even 25) had even tasted it.

Immediately conversation moved to the benefits or otherwise of skim milk v regular, or other types of milk.

"But no", I said, "I meant real milk - from a cow".

There was a moment of silence as people contemplated this and then little memories of bottles with cream that floated to the top - who got it, how much cream there was, serving suggestions - were progressively shared.

And yes the younger members of the crowd were silent.

It would be a shame if real, unprocessed milk is something that becomes a memory only discussed by oldies in their rockers. The new trend towards home gardens give me hope that people won't accept the tasteless supermarket fruit and vegetables as being "normal" and that real food does make the tastebuds dance with delight. But the availability of real milk, well that is a more complex process.

Art: "2 per cent milk" by popoks


pita-woman said...

I'm all for fresh fruits and veggies straight from the garden, but I'm afraid I'd have to draw the line at milk straight from the udder.
Just looking at whole milk makes me want to gag, it looks so thick and yucky. I can't imagine how unprocessed milk would be.
I'll stick to my skim, thanks just the same.

Charlie said...

Pearl: There's an organic farm ('Cleopatra') with a herd of Jersey cows, up in south-east Qld. There milk is unhomogenized & unpasteurized (!) with all that lovely cream on top. You can buy it at the Little Larder Health Food shop at the Jetty. (As the label says, 'purely for bathing purposes' of course, !

pitawoman: real milk is way better for you than skim milk ... the current fads of no-fat & low-cholesterol, well its not what the science is showing really matters for health, it leads to ill-health.

However taste is a seperate issue -- if that's your primary motivation for eating, fair enough, enjoy your skim milk. Perhaps you should try real milk just once though; you might find the reality is far more pleasant than your imaginings.

There is loads to learn about this topic, but for the side I'm presenting, here's one place to start