Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bucket List

I haven't updated mine for a few years.... in fact I can't even find the one I started when I was in my 20's .... yes it is here somewhere ... anyway I am starting a new one.

1. Go back to America
2. Cook in Italy
3. Paint in Mexico
4. Learn the piano
5. Get myself  published
10. Learn Spanish
11. Picnic at the lighthouse at Byron Bay
11. Attend two new "cultural" events each year
12. Celebrate friendship more
13. Send birthday cards - on time
14. Visit a large Monet exhibition
15. Have a feast once a year
16. Learn Spanish
15. Finish painting the portrait
16. Produce my "Dogwood" book so it looks perfect - and the start another one
17. Do the Bundagen walk again
18. Grow poppies
19. Take up a residency somewhere

Okay that is where I have got to at the moment .... :-)


pita-woman said...

Um, since "learning Spanish" is #10 & #16, I'm guessing you REALLY want to learn it badly.

Mountaingirl said...

lol ... yes I guess I do - one of them should be "Learn Italian" :-) Freudian slip maybe ....