Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some People

I rang to book my train ticket on Friday and I am sure that if the woman in the call centre had a manual and was judged on on 'How to make things hard for your customer' she would have won the Employee of the Month.

I ended up at the Coff's station this afternoon as a 'here's hoping'. The sign on the door clearly said they were closed but there was people inside and being a bit desperate I stuck my head around and asked if they had an agent in my home town - the call centre woman had given me a big bum steer.

A gentleman asked a woman next to him, she didn't seem sure and apologized that she had shut her computer down. Perfectly understandable as they were finished for the day. I prepared to leave but he beckoned me to an empty counter. Within three or four minutes he had my ticket issued, he picked up on my passing comment about a back problem and has placed me in what he recommends are the best seats to minimize any difficulty I might experience - he made sure I had that seat doing to Sydney as well as on my return trip.

If I had've stood there with a gun to his head, or in tears and on my knees begging for pity, this gentleman could not have been more helpful .... and all of this when the office was clearly closed and I was only asking for help in my local area.

The time of REAL customer service has not yet passed my friends, and I know a man who is making a career out of it.


kyles said...

ahhh good customer service...the best kind of advertising there is :) good on you for spreading the word xo

Mountaingirl said...

I even sent a msg through the customer service line - and they rang me - and they are going to let his Regional Manager know. So pleased he will get a pat on the back :-)