Monday, January 11, 2010

I'll Wilt!

The forecast for Perth this week:

Tuesday    Sunny.  Min 12     Max 30
Wednesday  Sunny.  Min 15     Max 35
Thursday   Sunny.  Min 19     Max 36
Friday     Sunny.  Min 19     Max 35
Saturday   Very hot. Sunny.   Min 19     Max 39
Sunday     Very hot. Sunny.   Min 21     Max 42

Aaaarrrghhh! Okay so I will actually only be in Perth for Wednesday and start heading south on Thursday but you have got to be kidding!!!!

Photo: "Three Years" by orbatid


kyles said...

I'll send you off with one of Gran-Nan's hand held fans...Nanna's really did know best xo

Mountaingirl said...

Lol - a woman after my own heart :-)