Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some Days

Some days you can sit back and know that something has changed - the course you were on has taken on a different dimension. Okay, so sometimes that is for the better, and sometimes for the worse. Today was one of them for me.

I spent the day with Miss K and her family and other friends. From afar it may not have looked like much - I arrived early and played battleship (lost one game, won one) and chess (lost one, won two), we had a great bbq (thanks Mr T for the cooking and Miss K for the rest), we chatted, the weather was so-so but on the verandah it didn't matter. I even took a couple of photos of real people .... but I respect that there was angst so they won't appear here (Miss K's frangipani had no such problem though lol). Four, five hours passed before I gave in to the need to finish my assignment and headed home.

And in amongst all of that something positive and big happened - I don't know quite what it was but I do know that in time to come I will look back and know that whatever it is all started today on Miss K's verandah.

Yes, some days ... you just gotta dance :-)


kyles said...

awwww....why am I only just reading this now? I so enjoyed our time together...we must not leave it so long between stops, especially now I know it has magical qualities ;)There is something so healing about spending time with friends, that nurturing and kind regard...can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be xo

Mountaingirl said...

Sigh ... so we could have a get together to celebrate my return ... or as you have something booked for around then we could just make up random reasons for the one after that - say "It Is The 12th" or "It Is the Third Saturday or the Month" or ... well you get the idea lol