Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday Thoughts

I know it is months away - no matter whether I celebrate it as a re-birthday in March/April or my actual birthday in August - but I have been contemplating what to do for my birthday this year. It will be the big 4-0 and I haven't really done anything since I turned 30 so it might be time.

Now when I turned 30 I had three parties in one day (a brunch, lunch and dinner) as well as mini-parties on the days either side. Pretty much everyone who could be at one of them was. I felt loved and appreciated and alive.

And that is my potential problem with this one - high expectations. I know that no matter what I plan I risk dashed expectations and a crappy feeling. Which makes me think I should just play safe and just ignore it. But then I don't want to be that person lol.

Okay, so on a practical level, I was still thinking about cooking and hosting a dinner party at my place but Miss K who has a similar birthday at a similar time has suggested just going out for dinner - everyone pay their own way so no big expense, and no mess to clean up afterwards. There is a lot of merit to that plan. If I had a real income by then I could go to the States but I am not sure that that is necessarily practical. I was thinking about a coffee and cake feast (not as posh as the ever-trendy high tea, more like a CWA meeting lol).

Hmm, lots of time to come up with something - and no obligation anyway lol

Photo: The birthday cupcake" by voodo 


EcoGrrl said...

birthday celebrations every year - for 40 make it a weeklong party!! for my 30th i had a big party at a restaurant and for 35 i had a breakfast with one group, pedicure with another, and dinner party with yet others = and plan to do the same in 2 weeks when 36 arrives :))) we need to celebrate our lives more, in whatever ways that are about doing exactly what we want if only for a day!

kyles said...

I'm with Ecogrrl, anything that allows you time to celebrate and enjoy :)

Mountaingirl said...

There shall be partying - the decision has been made lol

kyles said...

yay! love a good party :)