Friday, January 1, 2010

Radio Days

I spend most of my days listening to the radio - and most of my nights listening to podcasts of radio that I have missed, want to hear again, or is from overseas stations.

I trawl the ABC, BBC, CBC and NPR for bits that will interest me. Now all of these are public broadcasters and I am not sure if commercial radio has something similar - I haven't listened to commercial radio for over 10 years now.

Anyway, not only do I get to listen to incredible programming on books, science, social affairs, ethics and the like, I get to take full advantage of 21st century technology - linking in with the relevant websites I can comment on stories, debate or discuss things with fellow listeners, click on follow up information, contribute content and look at photos.

All of the programming can stand on its own merits and as such doesn't need the integration that the web brings. Nonetheless, the extra layers add a depth to the information and the listening experience that just can't be beat.

Totally over-run any need for television that I might have had lol

Photo: "on the radio" by irrr

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