Monday, January 11, 2010


I have an insect bite on my bum. I noticed it last night - I specifically noticed the little "hard" tag. My mind kinda went to a tick - or more specifically the head of a tick - but I ignored it.

It started to throb at 4 this morning. I got up and put some ti-tree oil on a bandaid and applied it in the said position. Ti-tree is a great antiseptic so worth a try.

At 11 this morning it wasn't only throbbing but the actual site was stinging really strongly and a welt had risen up next to it.

Thinking of my upcoming travel and not wanting a butt infected with a tick head I headed to the hospital.

One nurse looked at it. Not really sure. Another was called it. The hard tag they decided, was not a tick's head but a little piece of skin. It isn't a tick. No idea what it is - apparently the site is the site two 50 cent pieces now - but it isn't a tick. The nurse applied Soov and I was back home within 40 minutes.

So good it is all okay but oh so very embarrassing :-)

Photo: "Sprinkle Bum" by auxcentral


pita-woman said...

First, where on earth do you come up with some of the pix you use in your blogs?
Second, hope it's nothing serious. The occasional boil or infected hair, especially in such a sensative area, can be quite painful. Hope it's better soon!

Mountaingirl said...

I use a few sites - this one is from - and then search away until I find the one that matches my mood lol.

It is feeling much better already thank you (and so fortunate given I have 8 hours on a train today lol).

diver said...

Such a clever pic MG ... works on many levels.

Glad to hear you're healing up!

Mountaingirl said...

FYI it was a white tail spider not a tick ... not sure which one I would have preferred lol