Sunday, January 24, 2010

Licence Plates

WA has a great way of issuing licence plates - aside from the generic state plates, each shire can also issue their own plates - so as you drive down the highway (or sit in a cafe in Bellingen) you can tell whether soemone is from Collie or Karratha or whatever. Now I personally have a wave at everyone policy (or more to the point, list the pointer finger in a friendly gesture) but it is always handy to know if they are m ore likely to be someone you actually know.

This is just a very random sample taken on my travels.

A quick explanation: the black and white plates were the first ones issued (GN 1910 - from Greenough), followed by the yellow and black range (9HT 794 - a generic plate) when they ran out of numbers. The first personalised plates were the blue and black (JAC 999) and soon after the Eagles plates (logo 029).

The blue and white range are the latest (1AYK 695 - a generic plate) and expected to last for the foreseeable future. They are also available for towns and shires (W 19 for Wagin), (PL - 561 for Plantagenet), (AL 22132 for Albany) or (JP 936 for Jerramungup). A full list of all the shire plates can be found here.

Just thought you would like to know :-)

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