Monday, August 10, 2009


I found some tomatoes for $2 kg so I have bought enough for a big pot of soup.

I started making it today. And no, this isn't done for an "Italian-momma" reason (unlike making your lasagna one day but not eating it until the next), I am just working around my logistics. I have cooked the tomatoes up with onion, garlic and seasonings. Tomorrow I will add the sugar, blend and season. I have some baby basil I can throw in towards the end.

There will be enough for about 4 - 5 meals so much of it will end up in the freezer (without the basil) for consumption at a later point.

Easy :-)
PS: Yes this is a photo of the little beauties lol.

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kyles said...

Bargain...well it is now, cause you bragged about it! I got two tins of pasta sauce at aldi the other day...laughs!