Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Capturing a Moment

Miss Weasley often comments that whilst I take photos. they aren't photos of me. In fact if you could find six photos of me (apart from when I am with her) I would be surprised.

This came up in conversation last time I visited Abz and was admiring her scrapbooking. I realized then that a photo isn't just a representation of what I was wearing or what style my hair was, it is capturing a moment in my life. Who cares if someone's eyes are closed or about to eat a spoonful of food. It is the moment that is remembered.

I also realise that I need to record the memories as I take photos as I don't have kids or nephews/nieces to indoctrinate with the stories as the grow. And should Miss Weasley's children, or Abz, or anyone else want to look at my photos after I am gone (I am looking at this from a historical perspective, not a morbid plan to die soon).

And so I shall take photos of me,l I shall start recording my history in ways that aren't limited to plates of food, or close-ups of something obscure - starting on Friday when The Lentil Club is getting together again.

Photo: "Just cosmos" by CasheeFoo


pita-woman said...

Oh hon, you sound just like me. I hate having my photo taken, yet on occasions allow it, just for the sake of having proof that "I was there" and am in deed a real person.

kyles said...

I swear my boys would struggle to remember what one of their grandmothers looked like, they could read her palm for sure though, as she always had that raised up to her face everytime a camera was pointed at the end of the day, people who love you see all the beautiful things in a photo of you....i'll put my gladrags on for tomorrow...laughs!