Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peas Please

When I was young (back when the dinosaurs roamed the planet) I remember eating fresh peas (as in from the bush) and even spending time shelling peas and then cooking them. That was many moons ago.

I, like many others, have moved to the convenience (and lack of other options) of the frozen variety. And I have never had any complaints - they are green and tasty and always available.

I cooked some peas last night and lo and behold, they tasted just like they were freshly shelled. While my tastebuds danced wild rumbas of joy I contemplated that I had never noticed this from other frozen peas.

Was this a new variety (they look green and round), did I cook them differently (surely not - boiling water, wait until they float), or ... well I have run out of other possibilities. And why hadn't I noticed the change in flavor before - did my memory of a "real" pea just fade away and when did that happen?

Now if they could just pack the flavor of a real tomato into a store bought one my world would be complete.

1 comment:

pita-woman said...

Love peas! I'm sure the fact that they have such a high sugar-content contributes to that.
Frozen peas, I love them served with cheese-sauce.
Canned peas, must prepare them in a cream-sauce.