Thursday, August 13, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I have the best friends in the world. Shall I list them all, no. But this week I have been loved, nurtured and supported in a way that brings tears to the eyes. No this isn't in response to anything, it just is. Maybe I am just noticing it now that I don't have work colleagues and other people to fill the day.

I have friends in WA that are cooking up a plan to fly me back there for a visit (even though I will need a wheelchair for bits of the trip). I have a friend that is offering to help me pay for my study. I have a friends who chats, debates and makes me smile. I have a friend who regularly sends me saucy emails. I have a friend who send me a big smiley face email. I have a friend who tells me all about her day at school. I have a friend who knows just when to call. I have a friend who is my own personal cheer squad (actually I have a few of them).

Some of my friends have been around forever, some are newer, some I have never met personally. And none of that matters.

So many blessings :-)

Photo: "friendship" by draw-your-dreams

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Abbey said...

ps, I want the saucy emails :)