Monday, August 24, 2009

Time to Get Serious (Almost)

If I was a responsible adult I would be starting a serious investigation into wheelchairs, gophers and other forms of assisted mobility.

I have had a bad run over the past couple of days but even if I set that aside, movement is becoming an issue. I can walk around the house ok (most days) but supermarkets are difficult and shopping centres are not an option anymore. And that is not even beginning to look at beaches, the jetty, parks or other forms of socializing.

I know a regular wheelchair isn't for me cos I can't wheel it without further pain. And relying on others to wheel me around isn't practical for so many reasons (including issues of pride). A motorised option sounds more practical but I can't get it in the car so what is the use of that. Abz has suggested a motorised one I can wheel into a three-wheel motorbike. I like that idea but really, do I have $30,000 + spare at the moment!

I know when John needed a chair he was concerned that everyone would be looking at him. I am not worried about that - primarily because I am sure that "everyone" has something so much better than to than to worry about looking at me. But I am aware that I will be admitting that I have lost some of my independence and that doesn't feel comfortable.

As I said, I would be doing all of this if I was responsible. At this stage I am choosing to bury my head in the sand for a while longer and continue to stay at home.

Photo: "Wheelchair" by razor-flower

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