Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

It was only a few weeks ago I was complaining that I had nothing to do and was struggling to fill in my day. Oh how I laugh at that now!

My next term at uni starts on 31 August so I have had my head down in the books since Saturday to get some reading in. So far I have read Gulliver's Travels and Macbeth - both in conjunction with the sparknotes and cliff notes. In the next 10 days I also need to read Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales", Homer's "Odyssey" and "Beowulf". I will also receive all of the reading notes for the unit lol. That is for one unit. The other is a study of Buddhism and according to the blackboard notes left by previous students there is a lot of reading for that too - I have got the three books already and I am sure the course notes aren't far away - with the first assignment due two weeks after the term starts.

Please don't misconstrue these comments as a complaint - my brain cells (a little overwhelmed though they are) continue to dance and sparkle with all the stimulation.

BTW - did I mention I got 84% for my first assignment?

Photo: "Literature" by Allurra66

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pita-woman said...

Holy moly that's a lot of reading! But if anyone is up to the challenge, it would be you. Good luck, have fun and congrats!