Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yabbie Boys

As I have recently found out, the eastern states version of the yabbie is a small freshwater crayfish (just over an inch) that is primarily used for bait. The Western Australian version is a small freshwater crayfish (maybe 4 + inches) that is a much treasured delicacy.

Over here they pump for yabbies with something that looks like a cross between a big bicycle pump and an icing tool.

This is shot from last Sunday when I was in Moonnee admiring the ripples in the creek bed from the receding water. Not sure who the lads are but aside from being fascinated by the yabbie-ing process, I loved the ripple effects their outlines made in the water.


pita-woman said...

We used to go hunting for crawdads all the time when I was a kid, 'cept I was always afraid to pick them up w/my bare hands. Never could bring myself to eat one either.

Mountaingirl said...

Ah but crawfish is another story - still lickin my lips at the memory :-)

kyles said...

hey you...great pic! Yabbie's here are saltwater though hun :) Here's a pic of one Moth said he'd keep you some next time he catches em for bait!