Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear Diary

What a fabulous day!

They were doing emergency work on the local power lines so, knowing I would be without electricity for the day, too off for some fun.

I headed for Coffs where I sat at a beach for a few hours watching the surfers, and the whale on its annual migration northwards. In the winter sun, the changing colors of the water was more prevalent than usual and an added bonus. Although, really, if you see a whale, what more of a bonus could you possibly want without being greedy.

I then went to a local park where I stayed for an hour listening to the local choir of birdlife and watching the interplay of light and shadow from the trees.

My next stop was the Botanic Gardens where I planned to go for a bit of a womble (walking is still out at the moment) but it seemed to be the centre for a local triathalon-type activity - lots of people cycling and running and then heading into the garden. I am not sure my ego was up to wombling around surrounded by a large crowd of ultra fit children to grannies so I headed up to Moonee to check out the Reserve.

The tide was out but there was some great patterns in the river base so that entertained me for some time. (It obviously doesn't take much to amuse me does it.)

Then a great idea hit me - how about going to visit Miss Kylie - okay I was due to go there later but surely she wouldn't mind me lobbing up an hour early? Back into the car and off I went.

Oh what a spot of heaven she lives in. Miss Abbey soon joined us and we were treated to the BEST (and I do mean BEST) vanilla slice with passionfruit icing, as well as choc-caramel slice, served with proper coffee all on the deck overlooking their property. Who needs a cafe when you have Miss K as your friend lol.

There was the usual lots of laughter with "the girls", with Mr Kylie and Junior Kylies also joining in. And there was visit from other Kylie-family. Sigh, how wonderful. A few photos of the garden and then it was time to go home.

What a magnificent day with some of my most favorite people in the world.

Photo: "Dear Diary" by Shalora


kyles said...

Oh MG, Your day sounds divine, we definately live in a stunning area of the world, and you are too kind about my place. You are welcome absolutely any time, my neice hasn't stopping raving about you, she thinks you are wonderful. Mum was absolutely stoked that someone was fussing over her bookwork, she's a kid who doesn't get a lot of positive attention, and it was lovely of you to give her some xo You have such a lovely way with kids, I've not seen you around any at my place who have not gone away adoring you. It's a special talent you have to connect with them and make them feel special xo

kyles said...

So as you can see the pleasure was all mine, as it always is when we see eachother outside of peering over pod walls! xo

kyles said...

ps looking forward to seeing some of the other photos you took.... smiles.... xo

Mountaingirl said...

Do you want to pass on my email/blog address to your niece - she was fabulous! (And smart, and talented, and personable). I know you guys were laughing that she had been "Pearl-ed" but I think it was mutual lol. I loved looking at her work - it inspires me so - she can come to me for compliments anytime, I don't have to fake diplomacy for any of them - very refreshing lol!

And thanks for the compliments it is not something I try to do - and why it happens consistently amazes me - but it adds a solid layer of pleasure to my life :-)

Mountaingirl said...

And the other photos are coming - I took over 100 shots today and prioritized your garden first :-)

kyles said... see you are making me feel special now too!

pita-woman said...

Sounds like a very relaxing day, and one to renew the scences.
The pix of the roses & daisy were stunning. Kudos to the gardener & photographer.

Mountaingirl said...

Ah Pita - you are going for the double-whammy compliment lol. And I look forward to more days like Sunday once work finishes .... sigh - two weeks (10 working days) from today.