Sunday, June 28, 2009

For the Kewl Girls

These artworks ar by Julian Beever - he draws them in chalk on footpaths around the world. Some of them are you to 40' tall (about 12 metres) just so when you look at them at the right angle you get the three-d effect.

There is some info on Julian and good links on wiki.

btw - in the picture with the frog, the baby is real lol


Scarlet said...

wait... so its just drawn on the concrete, but looks like its 3D?

Mountaingirl said...

yep - drawn on the pavers - in chalk with incredible affect - check out some of his other work, it is just genius :-)

Alison said...

Oh wow! This is very very kewl!
We love drawing on the pavement, but it doesn't quite look like this lol

Thanks MG :-)