Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So True

Don't let the bastards get you down.

General Joseph W Stillwell

Photo: "yes" by porsylin


Alison said...

Mary wanted to see what the girls' reaction would be to this... We let them see the blog this morning and Miss J was actually a little bit outraged - "Mummy!! Mountain lady said a bad word choice! That word says bastard!"


Mountaingirl said...

rofl! it is all about perspective isn't it!!! aagh you girls are gorgeous, and the swearing is now out (which I didn't even think of to be honest - just lets hope there Democrats don't have a resurgence) but celebrations of bodies is in.

thanks alison - you and the girls have made my day!

Sammi said...

Great introduction to your blog
As far as im concerned anyway ;-)

Mountaingirl said...


Sammi said...

hey I bin thinking:
I rekon you would like Belinda Mason's work:

My favourite is the intimate encounters exhibition.

Mountaingirl said...

Oh you are so very right! You will see here featured here very shortly :-)

Mountaingirl said...

Okay my previous comment was after seeing just one of her exhibitions - now that I am continuing I am blown away! If you are interested, can you write me at so I can discuss it with you more?