Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to the Lentil Club

The Lentil Club was initiated by Miss A who is now on a fixed income. This is based on the joking premise that on a fixed (or should I say "low" income then all you can afford is lentils). Ironically we both like lentils and enjoy them regularly. Anyway, I get to join the club officially at 5.20 pm in 9 days.

Now there are two ways of focusing on life on a fixed income - you can either focus on what you have, or focus on what you are missing out on. We choose to focus on the positives.

I am already on my budget of $50 per week for food. Admittedly I have stumbled a little this fortnight but once I have my freezer delivered, and with a little planning, I think it will all be fine.

I will have my fixed income but I can still earn a little money (based on my physical state - and if that improves/changes then I can go back to work) so I have also invested a little of my store of lentil funds to purchase a copy of Photoshop with the intention that 1) it will provide a good hobby, and (possibly only) 2) I might be able to use my photos or photographic creations with any written work I produce. Yes I am still focusing on possibly doing a freelance submission here and there.

I also have a craft idea or two that might come to something but I am not looking at these as a career, more pin money.

And I have my beloved study.

Co-incidentally I have two other people that are interested in the Lentil Club.

Welcome to a new philosophy on sucking the proverbial marrow out of life!

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