Monday, June 15, 2009

Can't Wait

Okay I was going to post this when it got here but I am too excited - I have bought a freezer!!!

With my impending change in circumstances (I finish work in 12 days and then I am going to follow my doctors advice and take a couple of years off from formal work to hopefully improve the situation with my back) it seemed like such a good investment to extend my food storage capacity as well as continue to minimise food wastage.

Admittedly I was researching it online and had picked my make and model but was then beginning to think that maybe I should save the cash as a "just in case". That was until I got a catalogue in the mail last Wednesday where they had "my freezer" discounted an extra $50! Sometimes you just get handed a sign.

I am not sure whether they will deliver it this week or next week (depends when it comes into the store) but it is all good.

Dance dance dance


kyles said...

you are the only person i know who dances over a freezer, probably paralleled by my mother who was soooo excited about the new iron she bought the other day! I have one word for need to win a chicken tray or two to fill it!

pita-woman said...

We love our deep-freeze. Although, if we ever have to replace it, I may consider an upright next time, just for the shelves and so I wouldn't practically have to stand on my head to get something out of the bottom.

Mountaingirl said...

I had to get an upright this time because diving into a chest freezer isn't an option anymore - and while the chest freezers are cheaper, to be honest I would have still bought an upright - I like the idea of tidy drawers :-)

And you know me Miss K, the strangest things make me happy lol