Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Days ...

... I should probably stay in bed.

I got a needle stick injury this morning - and, contrary to what the guy at the hospital thought, I didn't inject myself with a dirty needle, I just trod on a used one.

Obviously I have rung the hospital to check the protocols - my theory was that I needed to get a blood test and have another in three months - but he insisted I come in to see the doctor.
I did go in but there were so many people in front of me I figured I would just go and see my GP tomorrow. Okay I possibly should have changed my mind when I saw the nurse trying to attract my attention as I left but patience is not one of my strong suits.
Sigh ... no I am not having a panic attack, whatever will be will be but it really isn't a stress I needed at this point of my life. I should have just stayed in bed lol.


Alison said...

MG - in some instances they can offer a course of drug therapy to help reduce the chances of getting certain nasties. Having been through something similar with a friend, it could be an idea to head back sooner than tomorrow, as I think the earlier you start it, the better.

Take care :-)

kyles said...
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kyles said...

don't make me turn into my mother and come over there and get you missy...get thy ass to the hospital and bloody wait to be seen, take a good book along and time will go quicker, Alison is right, you need to act quickly xo

pita-woman said...

Egads, where ever were you walking that you encountered this??
I agree with the others, if nothing else, you may need a tetanus shot or some antibiotics to avoid infection. Don't put it off dear goddess!!!

Alison said...

Checking back to see how you're going... Sending good vibes your way :-)