Thursday, June 18, 2009


One of the local electronics stores was opening late last night as a "welcome to the neighborhood" for the government department I work for. Everything in the store was going to be on sale. Aside from a generous promotion, it may also have something to do with us having 300 employees and it is the end of the financial year. Anyway, it was still generous and I was trying to support the intention of the offer.

I have only one thing left on my list of things to buy to prepare for my impending Lentil Club life and that was a copy of Photoshop. It may seem silly as an "essential" but I figure that I will need ways to amuse myself and I love taking photos, and this is something new to learn so, why not.

I went to this store straight after work just to check things out and wow (did you get the hint about what store it was) I got a guy with an attitude. He was in his early twenties and, after ambling over to me, slouched over the displays while asking if I needed help. I picked up the two Photoshop products they had and realised that one was for movies, and the other included movie software. Now I am never going to need that so I asked if I could just get the package for photos separately. He responded that you could at it was about $199, as opposed to the $279 of the combined product. I asked when they were getting more in and he said he didn't know. I asked if he could order one in for me. He answered no. I asked if there was someone I could ring during regular business hours to order one in. He responded "No, head office does all of our ordering and just sends the stuff to us. Then we have to just sell the shit."

That ended that conversation.

I whipped down a couple of doors to the stationery store and picked up a copy of what I wanted for $169.

I have told myself that I won't open my new Photoshop until July 1 (my first day out of work... um I mean "my first day in the Lentil Club") but I am pretty hopeless at not opening presents that are already here.

So all in all, I have a new toy and will post bits if I ever produce anything worth sharing lol.

Photo: "Photoshopping" by Calebow


Alison said...

That guy sounds like a real little turd! I'm glad you found a better place to get your present. Very exciting, and you have way more self control than me!

Mary's girlfriend (also living with us!! ARRGGHH!!) is a bit of a graphic whiz, I think. She actually just spent most of the morning hogging my computer and posted the results on her blog - if you're interested. She is also somewhat 'outrageous', but is another woman who loves to celebrate.. lol

Mountaingirl said...

Oh I am so loving the blog - thanks for the referral - and it looks like Sammi will be joining in the Photo Challenge (yah).

You really have great friends - I guess like attracts like...

kyles said...

so have you opened it yet....laughs...???? huh huh??"? I'll ask Az if he still has his books from when he did a fotochop course xo

Mountaingirl said...

No, surprisingly I haven't opened it yet. Now if the flood hits today, and I keep my electricity, I can't promise it will stay closed all day lol

I have a big Photoshop 5.5 book but if you have something more recent that would be cool :-)