Monday, October 12, 2009

Spider Tales

Picture this ... Mountaingirl is sitting at her computer innocently conducting her business when somethign catches her eye ... it is a spider .... it is a big spider (some 12 cm from one side to the other) .... it casually walks along the wall and stops behind the computer screen!

Okay normally I would scream but I live alone so who is to hear it. If someone was here I could ask for help but it doesn't look like a wof spider (they are the hairy ones that jump ... I think) so I son't want it to die, I just want it gone ... I think back to when this happned when Iwas holidaying with Miss Weasley - sorry no help there ... so I ignore it. Yes I continued to type for a full 30 mins and just .... well not ignore it (I kept a very close eye on it) but learn to live with it.

This was way past midnight. I am in my bedroom and so is the spider. It is with some trepidation that I went to bed (do they walk over people's faces) but I really had no choice. I slept well. And today the spider has moved on.

Has this overcome a fear - NO. Okay, to clarify - I don't fear spiders (in fact I welcome them into my house) except if they are big ... and hairy. This one was definitely big but not hairy so I don't know what sort it was. I need to figure that out to ascertain whether I will be scared next time.

Isn't this what they invented men for lol?


Scarlet said...

you are so brave! i would of been screaming my head off!

diver said...

Ahhh, North Coast Wolf spiders, that takes me back.

Wolf spiders are OK lass ... except when they emerge from under your dashboard while driving down Dorrigo mountain and crawl around on your bare ankles ;-)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I admire your courage, mg. I'd have moved house!