Saturday, October 31, 2009

Community Gardening

I was listening to the story of a community garden in Melbourne. Unlike many gardens, the volunteers don't get their own plot per se, it all communal. Apparently you can contribute as much time as you wish - from just turning up for the monthly busy-bees to attending daily .... or anywhere in between. And from that you take produce which you think represents your inputs. Examples were given of people who drop by after work to grab some herbs to go with dinner right through to the garden providing the entire fruit and vegetable needs for a household.

The interviewer asked what could be an obvious question about how they deal with people who take too much, or more than their share - especially as there are no records kept of the hours that a volunteer contributes.

The representative of the garden laughed and explained they had never had that problem. In fact people so underestimate their inputs there is the need to send out emails reminding people (say) the tomatoes are ripe - please come and get more!

In this busy world where greed seems to be so prevalent it is refreshing to know that there is at least one patch in this world where copious regulations to prevent and deal with it are not needed.

Photo: "Very small vegetables ....." by GoddessofChocolate

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