Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photo Challenge Updates

Well I survived the first flood of the season and now am ready to hit the world with my trusty Fuji and start taking photos. Now what should I photograph? Hmmm .... let me find a theme :-)

This Friday (30 October): Portrait
Friday 6 November: Cafe (or Eating Out)
Friday 13 November: Architecture

Happy clicking :-)


Sammi said...

nov 6: eating out..

Mountaingirl said...

not your version lol!!!!!! think regular people rofl :-)

Sammi said...

regular people?
who or what are they?
and for the record:
i think my version is much more exciting.

Mountaingirl said...

I tend to agree with you but I am not sure your version could be shown on a 'family friendly' blog like mine lol

And regular people are those standing next to the 'normal' people. None of them are standing near me :-)