Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yah It's Costco

Now sometimes I can get all up-in-arms about globalization and the greed of multi-nationals but this time it is different - it is Costco - and it is coming to Australia (dancing wildly!).

Now I have told most of my travel stories from when I was in Dallas but one of my favorite outings (which we did more than once ... in fact I think Miss Weasley took me there nearly every day) was heading to Costco.

Now there are supermarkets and there is Costco. This place sells everything - food, clothing, tyres, furniture, electrics and, and, and. Although it sounds more like a department store than a supermarket (and it is), and the prices are great blah blah blah - you go for the food! This place had taste testings at least once in every aisle - you could go there for lunch and still not get to try everything. And while many of the products are just regular dips and things you get at the regular supermarket, there are also the extra/ gourmet/ different things - like proper pies, dried mango (drool), vegetarian treats, different sausages, breads, drinks - that I only saw at Costco.

And now they are starting up in Australia - and I can go on holiday every day lol.

btw the photo is of me and another Aussie I found in Dallas - and isn't meant to indicate that I have any problems I haven't already shared lol

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pita-woman said...

You so crack me up!
Personally, I prefer Sam's Club to Costco, better variety, better prices. I will say this much for Costco though, their fresh produce section and milk prices were better.
Happy shopping and sampling!