Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photo Challenge Updates

Whoops, I made something of a little mistake when posting last week's themes - I had down this week as "Fence" when previously I had suggested "Juxtaposition". So how did this travesty occur if the themes were set at the beginning of the year? My mistake and I am here to confess.

When compiling the themes, I put all the suggestions in a jar and then pull them out one by one and record them on the relevant dates in my diary. The exceptions are words that are "pairs" like light/dark and town/bush in which case if they are drawn out they are allocated for the next two weeks. Then I assiduously throw them out before repeating the procedure.

Obviously there is a flaw to that process because I had "domestic" recorded twice in quick succession. Desperately looking for another theme when I was positing the themes a couple of weeks ago I wrote down "fence" because I was randomly looking at the fence while I thought. I then decided that that might not be fair so I grabbed the dictionary and did the open it randomly, hence "juxtaposition" which I duly typed in the post.

Why I wrote one and typed the other I am not sure but we have two themes this week - or you can juxtapose a fence in some way if you would prefer.

So, to get to the point, the themes we are working on:
This Friday (10 July): Fence/Juxtaposition
Friday 17 July: Wisdom
Friday 24 July: Home

Happy clicking!

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Alison said...

We have added juxtaposition to our vocabulary... Although we are yet to use it in a sentence and I'm not quite sure the girls have quite grasped the concept as yet! So I think we will use that as our theme this week :-)

Nice to see you back, too.