Monday, July 27, 2009

Fake It Until You (I) Make It

I have had a revelation - avoiding people and being a hermit is not helping anything! Sometimes some things are so very obvious, so I am committing to be back blogging - including visiting other blogs every day.

General update: I am now officially "disabled" and this will be for the long term. I am struggling with finding things (that don't involve watching daytime tv) that fill in the day. I have been car-less for the last 10 days (my engine seized up) but that should be coming back to me in the next day or two (yah I will be able to leave the house). AND .... (drum roll) things are going to get better (insert music by D-Ream here) lol

Photo: "Cotton Candy Dreams" by mrcool256


pita-woman said...

Glad to know you're still amongst us. I've been getting worried about you and Abz both.
You are a resourceful woman, and I've no doubt you'll overcome this.

kyles said...

Bing...glad you had your revelation at the same tie as mine. Being a hermit won't help you on your journey to getting well, any more than it will help me get a job! Daytime TV...I didn't realise things were that desperate hun, or I would have dragged your sick ass out of bed the other day and took you to Kombu for some organic chocolate ... mmmmmm xo

Abbey said...

Babe... Im proud, least u can write how it is...

I cant even write...luv u...x