Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Food Bargain

I don't eat a lot of meat - and I think I bought about 6 months worth of steak this morning but it was a bargain too good to pass up - rump steak at $7.99 a kilogram. And yes it is local (from about 5 km away, and yes it is good quality - probably designed to be a loss leader from an advertising perspective).

If I cooked each generous piece as a steak I get 20 large/huge serves at about $1 each. If I use them as a casserole, curry or whatever (ie bulk them out with other ingredients) that will change to 30 - 40 serves. And that could be just 5o cents a serve.

And who said that being in the Lentil Club was going to be doing it tough lol!


pita-woman said...

Filling up that new freezer, eh?

The hubby & I went to a 12-hour sale last night and stocked up on steaks and ground beef. There was hardly an available parking space and we got the last buggy (trolley) in the store, it was madness!

Miriam's Art Journal said...

My hubby and I are obsessed about saving money....
don't you love it when smarts are rewarded....?