Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photo Challenge Updates

I am not sure about other parts of the world but at the moment we are having perfect weather for taking photos ... which is something I should therefore be doing lol. The days are fine and sunny (I can't say warm because it is winter after all) with crisp nights that warrant deep snuggling in bed.

But moving on from the weather report to what we are really here for. Our current themes:

This Friday (31 July): Away
Friday 7 August: Tasteful
Friday 14 August: Identity

Happy clicking :-)


kyles said...

I'm going away from home for you today MG...just for you, and I have the camera packed, well I do have to do some shopping... sighs... but will try to get a pic for this week!

Mountaingirl said...

I appreciate the sacrifice you are making Miss Kylie rofl

kyles said...

Haha..I forgot the camera after getting it ready, but I did take a pic with my phone for you, mines up xo