Monday, July 6, 2009

So Who Do You Think You Are?

A friend asked a question last Thursday and it still has me in a tail-spin ever since. I should add that it was an innocent question, it was a simple question but it does boil down to "so who do you think you are" and that is not simple.

At first I was trying to stop all of the emotions getting in the way so I could come up with a practical, objective answer (so far as that is possible). But too many buttons were being pressed and all the practice this Mountaingirl has had at personal growth this year wasn't helping.

Then I just thought I would wait for the answers to rise to the surface - but that just meant I had found an easy way to run and hide.

Today I think I have found the answer - it isn't conventional as such, and I am sure it isn't the answer that my friend is waiting for, it certianly isn't what I was expecting. But I find peace in it.

I am going to sleep on it and if I feel the same I will share it tomorrow.

Art: "Warm Dossouye"by mattahan


diver said...

I think the problem with the question is that it's too rigid. It neglects the idea of change and evolution or devolution. Perhaps a better question might be ...

"Who do you think you are becoming ?"

kyles said...

I'm with Diver, why does it have to be static? I'm not the same person today as I was this time last week and this time next week...well I'll probably still be unemployed! But you get my point ... maybe!