Saturday, February 6, 2010

"This Land Is Mine, This Land Is Me"

With thanks to Paul Kelly for the words for something that I didn't know existed, let alone express.

I started singing his song unbidden as the plane came from the ocean over somewhere near Esperance (my guess) - I didn't even know I knew it. I felt my heart leap as I saw the flat expanse roll out before me. My eyes teared as the golds and browns dominated the horizon. It got more and more real as I traveled around once I landed. I stood on the farm and inhaled the smell that is home. I cannot deny it - I am West Australian.

I knew I missed the smell of the land when I moved over here and while I am more than happy living in the land of green and rain and mountains and have no plans to ever again live in "the flat brown desert", I do acknowledge it is so a part of me. And I didn't realize it until I went back there.

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