Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Best ...

Inspired by Robert Fulgham's quest for "the perfect chicken fried steak from a diner" I spent some time years ago searching for "the perfect sausage roll from a service station". Now Mrs Mac's contribution looks inedible and tastes even worse so she, and all of the commercial brands were soon dismissed - I probably should have had danger money just for trying them!

After literally thousands of kilometres of travel and a lot of so-so sausage rolls I came across an absolute winner - sold by the BP in Williams it was a homemade creation that included delightlfuly flaky pastry wrapping a mixture featuring meat meat and more meat (missing in so many others lol) as well as onions, spices and a few ingredients I will keep secret in case I spoil their market. It was a bonus a year or so later when I could buy them at the roadhouse in Beaufort River.

Now I am not pretending in any way these are a health food, but when one is on holidays calories don't count do they? I got this baby from the Arthur River Roadhouse while waiting for my bus back to Perth.I seriously contemplated having two - I mean who knows when I will get another one but images of Monty Python's restaurant skit (you know the one) put a stop to that.

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