Sunday, February 28, 2010

Remember Real Pen Pals?

I have just been wondering around the blog world and have stumbled across this post at Indie Fixx - it is a call for penpals (and not the email, or Facebook kind but ones that write letters - on paper lol) as a part of The Penpal project.

Now I love my phone, my blog, my email and my FB but the thought of receiving a real letter written by a stranger with a commitment to an ongoing friendship sounds so very exciting.

So I have added my name to the list, sent out a couple of emails to make the first contact and ... well now I wait :-)

Photo: "TFP Letters to you1" by tfprince


pita-woman said...

I thought Pen Pals were an extinct breed. ;)
When I was in 6th grade, each of us had to choose from a list of names, someone to be a penpal with. The girl I chose was from Australia (I had a major fascination with everything down-under back then). I wrote her a letter, and never heard back. It was a short-lived relationship. :(
I can remember as a child, when my mom would get letters from her family members, and we'd struggle to read the writing. Ah, the good ol days!

Mountaingirl said...

Lol, yes the thought of actually writing something (even on buying some pretty paper) is a novel one for me. I remember getting aerogrammes as a child where the writing was so small - and on both sides - they were almost impossible to read but were jammed with such interesting stories and updates :-)